Know our soils is one of the recent initiative of the Soil Science Society of Sri Lanka.

Through this activity, the Team SSSSL expects to converge the wealth of knowledge generated by Soil Scientists of Sri Lanka about soil resource in Sri Lanka. Initially, the SSSSL is planning to publish monthly article dedicated to a one great soil group of Sri Lanka addressing its distribution, genesis, morphology, physico-chemical characteristics and agricultural potential. By capturing the whole spectrum of heterogeneity of soils captured by our great soil scientist, this sequence of articles will be completed by publishing information about different soil series characterized by the latest classification attempt culminated through the SRICANSOL project.

They synergy of following members of the Soil Science Society of Sri Lanka brings this great attempt to a reality!!!!

  1. Mr. Anil Dassanayake
  2. Prof. Ranjith Mapa
  3. Dr. W.M.A.D.B. Wickramasinghe
  4. Dr. H. B. Nayakkorala
  5. Mr. D.N. Sirisena
  6. Mr. Asiri Weerasinghe
  7. Prof. W.A. Udaya Vitharana

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