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About Us

The Soil Science Society of Sri Lanka which was established in 1969 presently consist of about 225 members including professionals in Soil Science and other relate subject areas. The Members represent the Universities, Department of Agriculture, Department of Export Agriculture, Tea, Rubber, Coconut and sugarcane Research Institutes as well as private sector fertilizer and agro-chemical companies.

The society is very much interested in disseminating new knowledge pertaining to Soil Science to the end users as farmers and planters through the established extension network in the country. The society holds many workshops and training sessions for the extension officers in the agricultural sector who will spread the new knowledge to the end users. In addition, workshops for agriculture teachers, lecturers in farm schools, undergraduates from Agriculture Faculties are held periodically. At present, one of the major undertakings of the society is characterization and classification of soils of Sri Lanka in the detail manner.

This is a twinning project with the Canadian Society of Soil Science funded by Canadian International Development Agency. Books and maps on Wet and Intermediate zones soils of Sri Lanka are already published resulting from this project. The society publishes the Journal of the Soil Science Society of Sri Lanka, which act as a way of disseminating scientific information among the members.

The Soil Science Society is always willing to help and support any individual or group needing assistance in sustainable management of soils. Interested parties can write to the above address for further information in organizing training sessions or field days using the resource persons from the society.