Soil Science Society of Sri Lanka

Est. 1969

Soil Science Society of Sri Lanka has provided a professional forum for strengthening the capacity of Soil Scientists in Sri Lanka nearly for four decades.


Annual General Meeting of Soil Science Society of Sri Lanka



Our vision is to provide scientific knowledge, new technologies, and promote beneficial management practices to sustain the Sri Lankan soil resource for the provision of food, income and a quality environment for the nation.



Our mission is to foster the wise use and stewardship of soil, water and other land resources by integrating diverse disciplines and principles of soil science with excellence in the acquisition and application of knowledge, the training and professional development of Soil Scientists, and the education and communication to a diverse citizenry.


  • Promote the advancement of Soil Science in Sri Lanka.
  • Foster contacts among workers in all branches of Soil Science.
  • Disseminate knowledge pertaining to Soil Science.